Announcement-type thing!

Hello! I see a lot of folks coming over from the Emerald City Comicon page, which is pretty cool. I will be at the con, at table FF-04, so please feel free to stop by and say hello! That it is not the announcement. This is the announcement: As an Emerald City Comicon exclusive, I will have limited prints of a short story/art piece called Crooked Halls. This story has not been published and will only be available at the con. It won’t even be put up on this here site,  Each will be signed and numbered and run $10. I’ll hopefully have preview images and stuff up for you guys shortly. I will also have other prints of art available for sale, and I’ll be posting more of those in the next couple of weeks as well, along with some comics I’ve done.  Also, free buttons at the table, because who doesn’t like buttons? I am incredibly excited for this, and looking forward to hopefully meeting some of you who’ve been kind enough to stop by. -Chris


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